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Knockout Validated Antibodies

A high-quality antibody demonstrates target specificity, selectivity, and sensitivity, enabling it to accurately detect the protein of interest even at low expression levels. Nevertheless, cross-reactivity with off-target proteins is still a concern with some antibodies. This challenge may present issues with experimental reproducibility, as non-specific antibodies can impede scientific progress.

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MBLI introduces Knockout [KO] validation as the standard of antibody confirmation.  The gene knockout validation is used to determine the function of a known sequence. By inactivating the gene that encodes the target protein, we can produce samples with a depletion of the target protein. KO validation is a highly effective technique that confirms the specificity of the antibody as depicted.

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Production and Quality Control

A high-quality antibody demonstrates: 

  • Target specificity
  • Target selectivity
  • Target sensitivity
  • Accurately detect the protein of interest even at low expression levels

Representative data demonstrating that the molecular weights measured with KO knockout validated Antibodies and wild type antibodies:

                          A19119_ARC0378_KO-WB_01 src                   A20992_3 FTO                   A0533_ARC0256_KO-WB_01 HK1KO

Product Offerings

MBLI offers over 300 Knockout [KO] validated antibodies! Please reach out to us for more product information.

Selected Product Highlights

Product Code Target Product Name
CNA19654P CASP3 [KO Validated] active + pro Caspase-3 Rabbit mAb
CNA4771S MAPK14 [KO Validated] p38 MAPK Rabbit mAb
CNA2162S EIF4E [KO Validated] eIF4E Rabbit pAb
CNA19566S STAT3 [KO Validated] STAT3 Rabbit mAb
CNA0225P CYCS [KO Validated] Cytochrome C Rabbit pAb
CNA11274P NOX4 [KO Validated] NADPH oxidase 4 (NOX4) Rabbit pAb
CNA20992P FTO [KO Validated] FTO Rabbit mAb
CNA12442S H2AZ1 [KO Validated] Histone H2A.Z Rabbit pAb
CNA3174S GSK3B [KO Validated] GSK3β Rabbit pAb
CNA19119S Src [KO Validated] Src Rabbit mAb