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Exocap™ Streptavidin Kit

Purer Exosome Isolation For Your Target Molecule

  • Flexible use of biotinylated antibodies to target exosomes
  • Lower non-specific binding by new ‘streptavidin magnetic beads’ and buffers
  • Better yield than competitor magnetic beads
  • Easy to use

Exosomes are extracellular vesicles secreted by most of cells and contain various marker proteins and nucleic acids, such as microRNAs, fragmented mRNA and DNAs.

ExoCap™ Streptavidin Kit is designed for customized isolation and analysis of exosomes or microvesicles, called Extracellular Vesicles (EVs), using the researcher’s biotinylated molecules such as antibodies against exosome surface marker proteins. ExoCap™ uses functionalized Magnosphere™, magnetic micro-particles coated with JSR Life Sciences proprietary hydrophilic polymer to decrease non-specific binding.

Flow Cytometry

ExoCap™ Streptavidin Kit shows the peak shift of flow cytometry. Competitor A streptavidin beads did not show its shift.


ExoCap™ Streptavidin Kit and MBL antibodies are able to be used for CLEIA application.

Use our selection of biotinylated antibodies as well as other related products with your Exocap™ Streptavidin Kit

Name Clone Volume Product Type Isotype Application Cross Reactivity
ExoCap™ Streptavidin Kit Exosome Enrich Kit
Mouse IgG1 (isotype control)-Biotin 2E12 50 μg/50 μL Biotinylated mAb  – FCM  – 
Mouse IgG2a (isotype control)-Biotin 6H3 50 μg/50 μL Biotinylated mAb FCM
Mouse IgG2b (isotype control)-Biotin 3D12 50 μg/50 μL Biotinylated mAb FCM
Mouse IgG3 (isotype control)-Biotinb 6A3 50 μg/50 μL Biotinylated mAb FCM
Protein G-Magnetic Beads 10ml
Magnetic Rack  – 1 unit (1.5ml x 8 tube) –   – –   –
Anti-CD63 (LAMP3) (Mouse) mAb  R5G2 100 µg/100 µL Antibody   Rat IgG2b  WB, FCM, IC* Mo
Anti-TNRC6A (GW182) (Human) pAb  –  200 µg/200 µL Antibody   Rabbit Ig (aff.)  WB, IP, IC, RIP  Hu